1 May 2014 International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day


Every May since 2006 a group of guerilla gardeners in Brussels declared the 1st of May, International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day. A day for everyone everywhere with a cheeky guerilla gardening streak to spread our gardening love beyond our plots, windowsills, gardens (if your lucky!), to plant sunflowers seed in our communities in the hope that they will bring beauty and smile to peoples faces in our neighbourhoods

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Sweet Sweet Sweet Sunflowers: Memories of Sunny Days


“With your half of the ransom
You bought some sweet, sweet, sweet
Sweet sunflowers
And gave them to the night”

Sunflower by Low

It’s hard to think that this time last week temperatures were soaring in a mini heatwave. Ice lollies and barbecues and long sunny days. In true British style this bank holiday the rain has set in today (saturday 25th) with temperatures dropping to miserable below averages. Today down the plot with all the drizzle, huddling in the shed between the heavy showers and enormous rumbles of thunder got me day dreaming about sunnier times.

One thing I’ve really missed this year are our giant sunflowers. This year all our sunflower seeds and seedlings we’re all either eaten by mice or felled by munching molluscs during the rainy early summer. Last summers sunflowers were giants! The tallest reaching almost 10 feet. I spent many an hour admiring their cheery blooms, watching the bees walking around their centres. Happy days. Continue reading “Sweet Sweet Sweet Sunflowers: Memories of Sunny Days”