Garden Visit: The Potager Garden and Glasshouse cafe

Almost a month ago (where does the time go!) we went on our annual summer holiday down to Cornwall. This year we were blessed with sunshine for ten whole days! Ten whole days of long beach walks, collecting pebbles and shells, wildflowers, ย ice cream, hikes, bike rides, national trust visits and lashings of cream teas. One thing I particularly enjoy is a visit to a kitchen garden, bit like a busman’s holiday I suppose! For the last couple of years one place has been on our list of places to go, but, we just never quite make it there, The Potager Garden and Glasshouse Cafe. This year we made a special effort to get there.

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Long were the Salad Days: A Summer Salad Challenge

Homegrown salad all summer long, that’s the dream huh? Sadly for me it’s never been a reality no matter how enthusiastic I’ve been in the beginning it just takes a row of pigeon pecked lettuces, slug ravaged seedlings or bolted spinach to break my heart and dwindle my motivation.

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1 May 2014 International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day


Every May since 2006 a group of guerilla gardeners in Brussels declared the 1st of May, International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day. A day for everyone everywhere with a cheeky guerilla gardening streak to spread our gardening love beyond our plots, windowsills, gardens (if your lucky!), to plant sunflowers seed in our communities in the hope that they will bring beauty and smile to peoples faces in our neighbourhoods

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Drip drip drip little April showers…

One of my fondest and earliest memories are of a cassette of Disney songs I had as a child. The music today conjures up vivid memories of my Nanna and sometimes mum singing them to me and my bopping around dancing to the music. One in particular that I love today as much as ever is, Drip drip drip little April showers, from Bambi.

Drip drip drip little April showers indeed! April looks set to be one of the wettest on record. Raining pretty much everyday largely since the beginning of April, and not looking like easing up until the start of May. Oh but it’s good for the plants goes the gardeners cry. And that it is. April showers is natures way of providing the right condition for seed germination. A little rain and little sunshine, waking the seeds (and weeds). Although it feels like we’ve been having too much of the showers and not so much of the sunshine at times!

Despite all this, much of the UK is still in drought. Where else in the world other than Blighty can a drought be announced and a month-long period of wet weather begin in the same day?

Things down the allotment are looking lush and fresh for it. The herb bed is flourishing, lettuces plumping and the rhubarb the best it’s ever been. Even though it’s so frustrating when like this weekend it’s just been too wet and cold to do anything constructive in the garden or at our allotments, remember; April showers bring forth May FLOWERS!

But shhh, don’t tell. I actually really love spring rain. Drip drip drip…