The Curious Incident of a Rat and the Snail in the Nighttime

Call the Allotment police there’s been murder! The victims, the Sunflower seedlings. Murder scene, the cold frame.

Yes last night our sunflower seedlings were brutally murdered in their own beds. The week before Mr Wilson and I had sown our ‘who can grow the tallest sunflower competition 2011’ tucking them up all cosy in the cold frame. Within days they were sprouting away merrily. Each night after work I’d been making my pilgrimage up the plot to check on the seedlings. All was ship-shape and Bristol fashion. Then came the mini heat wave. deciding to prop the cold frame up over night to begin the hardening off process we left for home delirious with exhaustion  after a lovely day working the plot in the April sunshine. That night we slept soundly in our beds blissfully unaware that down 18a foul play was a foot. Continue reading “The Curious Incident of a Rat and the Snail in the Nighttime”