Spuds, buds and unexpected sunshine.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, warmer than the weatherman had led us to believe, the annual allotment planting of the spuds began. Having written off the weekend as a bit of dull dud, wearing far too many woollens than necessary we were pleasantly greeted with warm sunshine and gentle breezes. After a chilly disappointing visit to the plot the day before a spot-o-sunshine worked wonders on the allotment morale! Continue reading “Spuds, buds and unexpected sunshine.”


I Chit You Not.

Started chiting the seed tatties. First early, Red Duke of York, Second early Charlotte. Second early/main crop Kestrel and Rooster. All snug in their little egg boxes in my parents hijacked porch-come-greenhouse! Chit away my pretties. We have so little room at our pokey dark flat and with the coldframe already chocker block, this season I’ll be using my folks porch as perfect coldframe/greenhouse substitute, will have to plan well to get around the logistics. No more leggy seedlings struggling for light in our hot little kitchen windowsill.