Wordless Wednesday: Where have you gone to spring?



Tulips from 18a

I’ve always put Tulips in the same category as Camelias, gaudy bedding flowers and pampas grass; a bit naff and biddy-ish! Until now that is. I received a bag of mixed tulips from Sutton seeds with my order of Blueberry bushes that I half-heartedly stuffed into an old trough and forgot all about. Somehow they survived the tulip radar of the Squirrels and emerged this Spring un-munched.  In that lovely way nature rarely clashes it colours randomly they turned out to be a nice mix of red, pink with a lone yellow that looks quite fetching.

Make me feel like Spring has sprung

Now that the first official day of Spring has been and gone, the temperatures rising, the birds are singing and the dastardly weeds are rearing their heads again. Down the allotment everything is waking up and stretching free of the earth stirred by lengthening days.

After what seems like weeks, no months of overcast cloudy non-weather this weekend was glorious! The sun shone brightly the breeze was gentle and soothing. Perfect if only all allotment days where like this.

The spring bulbs are still blooming away merrily. The crocuses keep popping up here there and everywhere. Surprising me how so many managed to evade those pesky little squirrels who seem to be able to smell a freshly planted crocus bulb at 50 paces. Continue reading “Make me feel like Spring has sprung”

Garlic galore… not much more.

Spring certainly felt like it had sprung down the plot today. The first day in what seems like eons since it felt warm enough to take your coat off. Not quite T-shirt weather but definitely just a cardi day. The spring bulbs we’re in their element, being greeted to the plot by cheery daffodils and little gems of crocuses.


Had many grand plans for this weekend, sowing seeds a plenty being one of them, yet as often happens a job that I envisaged as just a quick half an hour turned out to take most of the day! That small task was to be the transplanting of our garlic’s from their winter starter homes of modules and pots into the new permanent homes of the Allium bed. This pesky little bed in question has been a right bugger from the word go. In our first year after it almost breaking our backs and hearts we planted a modest but tasty crop of potatoes. But it was by far our most clay-laden and unpleasant bed. Sodden and heavy in the wet and dry and dusty in the heat of summer. So this year we meant business! After much soul-destroying sticky digging and a program of force-feeding with some organic manure from the garden centre. A pricey solution but we figured what we invest now should pay us back in dividends. Continue reading “Garlic galore… not much more.”