Oranges & Lemons. Colours of plot 18a #1

Orange Calendulas
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Can we start again please? Starting the New Year over


I originally started to draft this post in the new year but I’m ashamed to say I have been neglecting Crafty Garden Hoe of late. In fact 2013 has been pretty busy (started my Masters in Library & Information Studies in September) and crap year for us so far, death in the family, identity fraud and the threat of redundancy over my head means that blog posting has slipped to the wayside. Hopefully by posting this old draft I can get my blogging mojo back? Here goes…
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First tiny blog steps…

The blogging starts here! Whoopie!

Welcome to my humble little blog, set up one sunny winters afternoon in early january 2011 with good cup tea by my side. So here goes my first tiny baby blog steps… With the first little seeds sown and a little tender nurturing hopefully from tiny pips a.. err, blog tree will grow?

Crafty Garden Hoe x