Rhubarb & Ginger Jam


Rhubarb and ginger is one of my favourite jam combinations, a real classic. The rhubarb this year has been terrific due to the cold winter that it enjoyed and the cooler spring. Rhubarb hates hot weather. Back in March we covered our three rhubarb crowns with a generous shovel full of manure which has rewarded us richly with some of the longest and thickest stalks we’ve ever had! Our best performing crown is ‘Victoria’ its strong, large and upright and though a mostly green stalk with bright red base when cooked it makes a fabulous pink colour. This pink hue is particularly handsome in a jam.

This recipe is based on the classic rhubarb and ginger but I like to add and extra gingery twist by adding some diced preserved stem ginger. Add as little or as much as you like, personally I’m a real ginger fiend!


Makes around 5 jars (I like have some clean teacups on hand to fill with the excess to use as a fridge jam)

1kg Rhubarb (trimmed and washed weight) our variety used was Victoria that makes a beautiful pink jam
1kg Sugar (I used a 50/50 granulated sugar and jam sugar with added pectin)
Generous knob of root ginger, around and inch thick or to your taste
4 balls of preserved stem ginger
Juice of a lemon

1. Wash and trim your rhubarb, place into a large glass bowl and layer with the sugar as you go.

2. Peel and bruise the ginger and add to the mix.

3. Leave to macerate for a few hours, or preferably over night.

4. pour mixture juice and all to your preserving pan, heat gently until the rhubarb is softened.

5. stir through your diced preserved ginger.

6. attach your jam thermometer if using, and bring the mix to a rollicking boil until setting point is reached.

7. remove from heat, stir and skim off any scum.

8. pour into your oven warm sterlised jam jars up to the top and apply wax discs and seal immediately. If you find yourself with oddments rather than waste it pour it into your teacup, let it cool and use immediately or cover up with clingfilm and keep in fridge, this should last around 4 weeks.

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Author: Crafty Garden Hoe

For me it’s all about the simple things in life. Pottering around my allotment, growing things indoors and out, baking a good cake, being outside, pretty things, vintage finds and a good pot of tea. It’s all the small things that make me tick, noticing the beauty in everyday things. Although this blog initially was intended to be a blog about all these things its evolved into being basically a blog about our allotment. Our adventures, highs and lows, wins and loses. So join me & Mr Wilson as we learn from our mistakes and successes down plot 18a.

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